Priest’s Day honoring the 5th Centenary of St. Teresa

4-20-15 Fr Daniel Chowing at Carmelite Monastery topic; 500th Anniversary of St. Teresa of Avila H264 from Catholic Diocese of Lafayette LA on Vimeo.




On April 20th we hosted “A Day With St. Teresa” for our Priests to honor St. Teresa’s 5th Centenary of Birth. The day opened with a lecture by Fr. Daniel Chowning, OCD followed by a Mass with Bishop Michael Jarrell as the main celebrant and concelebrated by  priests of our disease.

The theme Father chose for his lecture was DIVINE MERCY IN THE LIFE OF ST. TERESA. To this theme Father also brought out implications for the life and ministry of a priest, emphasizing that the priest should be the instrument of God’s mercy. In his talk, he gave a brief sketch of St. Teresa’s life and how she saw in hind-sight the supreme love of God at work, transforming her little by little through prayer, which she defines as friendship with Jesus, “taking time to be alone with the One who we know loves us.” Throughout his lecture, Fr. Daniel encouraged our priests to take St. Teresa as their example and guide along the ways of the Spirit. As a Doctor of the Church and also distinguished as the “Mother of Spirituality” we can look to her with assurance and follow her, singing with her the “mercies of the Lord” for all eternity.

During the homily at Mass, Fr. Daniel spoke of St. Teresa’s experience of the Risen Lord, especially in the context of the Eucharist. “How do we understand the Resurrection? What impact does this have on our lives of faith? How did the Risen Lord transform the life of St. Teresa?” These are some of the topics Father focused on in his homily for the occasion.

Celebrating St. Teresa of Jesus’ 500 anniversary of Birth, we pray that she may continue to guide us along the ways of prayer, faith and union with Jesus. May we be filled with a double-portion of her spirit through the many graces of this Year.

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