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     O my Lady, how perfectly can we learn from Your example what passes between God and the Bride. We can only learn to know ourselves and to do what we can—namely, surrender our will and fulfill God’s will in us.

     Oh, my sisters, what power this gift has! If it be made with due resolution, it cannot fail to draw the Almighty to become one with our lowliness and to effect a union between the Creator and the creature—for this King does not allow Himself to be taken except by one who surrenders wholly to Him.

     It is well that we should remember here how Our Lady, the Virgin, with her great wisdom, submitted in this way, and how, when she asked the angel: “How shall this be done?”, he answered: “The Holy Spirit will come upon You; the power of the Most High will overshadow You.” Thereupon, she was no longer concerned to argue about it; having great faith and wisdom, she at once recognized that, in view of this twofold intervention, there was neither any necessity for further knowledge on her part nor any room for doubt.

     Reflect that true humility consists to a great extent in being ready for what the Lord desires to do with you and happy that He should do it. And, if His Majesty is pleased that by doing a mere nothing, we should win everything, let us not be so foolish as to fail to do it.

     Let us, my daughters, in some small degree, imitate the great humility of the most Sacred Virgin, for there is no queen who can conquer this King as well as humility can; for humility brought Him down from Heaven into the Virgin’s womb and with humility we can draw Him into our souls.

(Collected from the writings of St. Teresa of Jesus)