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     Once I saw the heavens wide open. There was revealed to me the throne which was the Godhead. I saw the most Sacred Humanity in a far greater glory than I had ever seen before in the bosom of the Father.

     O my soul, reflect upon the great delight and the great love which the Father has in knowing His Son and the Son in knowing His Father.

     The Lord Himself says: “No one will ascend to My Father, but by Me.” Thus, when Jesus Christ was praying for His Apostles, He asked that they might become one with the Father and with Him, even as Jesus Christ our Lord is in the Father and the Father is in Him. And we shall none of us fail to be included here, for His Majesty went on to say: “Not for them alone do I pray, but also for all who believe in Me.”

     Remember that the good Jesus is our Ambassador and that His desire has been to mediate between us and His Father. You need have no fear he will leave us without our reward if only we raise our eyes to Heaven and remember Him.

     Shall not we think about our Spouse, before He takes us home to be with Him? How can we be forbidden to discover Who this Man is, Who is His Father, what is the country to which He will take us, what are the riches with which He promises to endow us, what is His rank and how I can bring my rank into line with His? For there is none greater than He, nor will His eternal reign come to an end.

     O King of glory and Lord of all Kings, You are almighty. How wonderfully, Almighty King, does that name of Yours enlarge the heart! Your Kingdom is infinite! Your works are incomprehensible. Grant, then, Lord, that Your words may never be absent from my thoughts.

(Collected from the writings of St. Teresa of Jesus)