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     Once, on the feast of the Assumption of Our Lady, the Lord was pleased to grant me the following favor: in a rapture there was pictured to me her ascent into Heaven and the joy and solemnity with which she was received and the place where she now is. The beauty which I saw in Our Lady was wonderful: her face was so lovely and the whiteness and the amazing splendor of her vestments.

      Exceedingly great was the glory which filled my spirit when it saw such glory. Blessed is the death that brings with it such a life! Blessed are those whose names are written in the book of that life.

    The fruits of this vision were wonderful. I was left with very little fear of death, of which previously I had been very much afraid. Now it seems to me very easy for one who serves God. To those who love God in truth and have put aside the things of this world, death must come very gently. It also makes it easy for us to die if we think upon heavenly things and try to have our conversation in Heaven.

     I think, too, that this experience has been of great help to me in teaching me where our true home is and in showing me that on earth we are but pilgrims; it is a great thing to see what is awaiting us there and to know where we are going to live. For if a person has to go and settle in another country, it is a great help to him in bearing the trials of the journey if he has found out that it is a country where he will be able to live in complete comfort.

(Collected from the writings of St. Teresa of Jesus)