Called to Carmel?

Are you discerning a possible vocation to Carmel?

You may contact us at [email protected] (vocation inquiries only).


               Here are some requirements for admission to our Community:  


*A genuine call to Carmelite life

*A joyous spirit of generosity and love

*Good moral, physical and psychological health

*Age limit: 30

*Freedom from obligations to others (debts, dependents, etc.)

“The vocation of Carmel in the Church, and the particular form of life which St. Teresa began and gave witness to, require of those, who, in response to God’s call wish to embrace it that they pledge themselves to follow with firm determination and ‘with every possible perfection’ the evangelical counsels. They do this for the Church in its needs in a small community which is rooted in solitude, prayer and self-denial” (Constitutions #131).

“Candidates to the Order should be persons of prayer who aspire to the perfection of charity and to detachment from the world, so that they may be able to embrace the Discalced Carmelite way of life, in which a deeply solitary communion with God is closely united to sisterly life together in community” (Constitutions #132).

Monastery of Mary, Mother of Grace
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