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     Look upon Him bending under the weight of the Cross and not even allowed to take a breath. See Him wearied and broken in body, streaming with blood, exhausted by journeying, persecuted by those to whom He was doing such good, disbelieved by the Apostles. Take up this Cross, Sisters: stumble and fall with your Spouse, but do not draw back from your Cross or give it up. Think often of the weariness of His journey and of how much harder His trials were than those which you have to suffer. He will look upon you with His lovely and compassionate eyes, full of tears, and in comforting your grief will forget His own because you are bearing Him company in order to comfort Him and turning your eyes to look upon Him.

     I have learned by experience that the true way not to fall is to cling to the Cross and trust in Him Who hung upon it. I find Him a true Friend and in consequence, I find myself endowed with such power that if the whole world were against me, I believe I could stand up to it. If you would gain spiritual freedom and not be continually troubled, begin by not being afraid of the Cross and you will find that the Lord will help you to bear it; you will then advance happily and find profit in everything.

     Let us resolve, my Sisters, never to let Christ fall beneath the Cross. Embrace the Cross which your Spouse bore upon His shoulders and realize that this Cross is yours to carry, too. With so good a Friend, so good a Captain at our side, Who came forward first of all to suffer, we can bear everything. He helps us; He gives us strength; He never fails; He is a true Friend.

     O my true Spouse! Let us both go together, Lord: wherever You go, I must go; through whatever You pass, I must pass. I desire to suffer, Lord, because You suffered. Let Your will be in every way fulfilled in me.

(Collected from the writings of St. Teresa of Jesus)