Christmas Mass Schedule



Midnight Mass of Christmas

(The chapel doors will open at 10:30 PM)


Christmas Morning Mass 

10:00 AM


As we rejoice exceedingly in the Incarnation and Birth of Jesus Christ, our Lord and King, we invite you to join us for our traditional Midnight Mass and Morning Mass of Christmas. Jesus, the “Face of the Father’s Mercy” was first made visible on this most holy night some 2000 years ago. Yet, the mystery and power of this event lives on in our own day and in our own lives. “Today, today is born for us, our Savior Christ the Lord!”

Monastery of Mary, Mother of Grace
Monastery of Mary, Mother of Grace Front View of the Monastery St. Michael the Archangel Receive our Prayer Chapel Tower Community Cemetery To our beloved Sisters who have gone before us. . . Sacred Heart Statue