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I saw Our Lady in the greatest glory, clad in a white mantle, beneath which she seemed to be sheltering us all.

     I besought her to be a mother to me, and whenever I have recommended myself to this Sovereign Virgin I have been conscious of her aid.

     Another time at the beginning of the Salve, I saw the Mother of God, with a great multitude of angels. Our Lady said to me: “I will be here when praises are offered to my Son and will present them to Him.”

     My daughters, trust in the merits of God’s Son and of the Virgin, His glorious Mother, whose habit both you and I unworthily wear. Praise Him, for you are really the daughters of Our Lady, you have so good a Mother as that. Consider how great she must be—Queen of Heaven and Queen of the Angels—and what a good thing it is that we have her for our Patroness. It is her custom to help those who desire her for their Protectress.

     I have tried to insure that here the Rule of the Virgin, Our Lady and Empress, shall be kept in its original perfection. Be determined to become a subject of the Virgin. May Our Lord be pleased to direct all to His glory and praise and to that of the glorious Virgin Mary, His most Sacred Mother.

(Collected from the works of St. Teresa of Jesus)