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    O my Jesus, how much a soul can do when ablaze with Your love! I became almost absorbed as I thought of the wonders of God, Who had raised a soul to so lofty a state in so short a time.

     In the interior world, there is a great commotion; and then all at once, everything grows calm, and the soul, completely instructed in such great truths, has no need of another master. True wisdom, without any effort on its own part, has overcome its ignorance.

     As I understand it, the soul has never before been so fully awake to the things of God or had such light or such knowledge of His Majesty. The Lord sees fit to reveal to it certain mysteries. The profit is so great that it cannot be exaggerated. Quite unexpectedly, it seems in some won-derful way to catch fire.

     I think that the Holy Spirit must be the intermediary between the soul and God, moving the soul with such ardent desires that it becomes enkindled by that sovereign Fire.

     It seems to consume the old man, with his faults, his lukewarmness, and his misery; it is like the phoenix, from the ashes of which, after it has been burned, comes forth another. Even so is the soul transformed into another, with its fresh desires and its great fortitude.

     The Fire is absolute master, its flames rise high. There are other fires of love for God—small ones, which may be quenched by the least little thing. But this Fire will most certainly not be quenched. Even should a whole sea of temptations assail it, they will not keep it from burning or prevent it from gaining the mastery over them. For the nature of this Fire is not to be easily satisfied, but, if possible, to enkindle the entire world.

(Collected from the writings of St. Teresa of Jesus)