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Afflicted, my soul sighs and faints
Ah, who can stay apart from her Beloved?
Oh! end now, this my suffering.
I long to see You!
Lord, end now this long agony.
Comfort your servant sighing for You;
Let her rejoice.

Soul, what is it you desire of Me?
My God, nothing other than to see You.
What is it that you fear more than self?
What I fear most is the loss of You.

Soul, you must seek yourself in Me
And in yourself seek Me.

With such skill, soul,
Love could portray you in Me
That a painter well gifted
Could never show
So finely that image.

For love you were fashioned
Deep within me
Painted so beautiful, so fair;
If, my Beloved, I should lose you,
Soul, in yourself seek Me.

Well I know that you will discover
Yourself portrayed in my heart
So life-like drawn
It will be a delight to behold
Youself so well painted.

And should by chance you do not know
Where to find Me,
Do not go here and there;
But if you wish to find Me,
In yourself seek Me.

Soul, since you are My room,
My house and dwelling,
If at any time,
Through your distracted ways
I find the door tightly closed,

Outside yourself seek Me not,
To find Me it will be
Enough only to call Me
Then quickly will I come,
And in youself seek Me.

(Collected front the writings of St. Teresa of Jesus)