Golden Jubilee (January 26, 2014)


Sr. Catherine of the Holy Family Celebrates 50 Years of Religious Profession

Golden, Ah Golden! We rejoiced with inexpressible joy as we solemnly celebrated Sr. Catherine’s 50 Years consecrated to her heavenly Bridegroom on January 26th, 2014. Her brother Fr. Louis Arceneaux, a Vincentian priest, was Main Celebrant and Homilist for her Jubilee Mass of Thanksgiving. Bishop Michael Jarrell presided over the celebration. Trumpets sounded and the Chapel was filled with songs of praise to God. It was a most inspiring occasion for all. We revived some of Sister’s favorites like As A Bridegroom by John Rutter and My Song For Today by Dr. Joseph Galucci. Father’s homily was inspiring as he traced back his sister’s vocation to their home life and her work and schooling with the Daughters of Charity. Her family and friends, including four of her high school classmates, came from New Orleans—Sister’s home town.

Sr. Catherine’s family wanted to give her a special gift for such an important occasion. Our Lady of Prompt Succor is the Patroness of Louisiana. There is a beautiful shrine in New Orleans dedicated to her with the original statue from France enthroned there. We therefore suggested a gold vestment with the image of Our Lady on the front and the pelican feeding her young on the back. The pelican has always been a symbol of the Eucharist as well as being our Louisiana state bird. They were delighted to have such a significant gift to offer Sister, especially since Fr. Louis would be the first to wear it for the occasion. It was gorgeous; our nuns in Tlacopac, Mexico made it and did a magnificent job. Sister was completely surprised! 

The actual date of Sister’s Profession was Feb. 2nd. We celebrated in community on this day and the two following days. It was a time of grace for all and in particular, for Sr. Catherine herself. Behold how good it is when sisters live together in unity! Sr. Catherine of the Holy Family has served our Community of Mary, Mother of Grace with dedication, love and selfless generosity. Her deep spiritual life of prayer and sacrifice have no doubt aided the Church for the building up of the Kingdom.

Monastery of Mary, Mother of Grace
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