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     How much majesty You bear, my Lord, in the most Blessed Sacrament. When I approach to receive Com-munion and recall that extraordinary majesty and consider that it is present in the Blessed Sacrament, concealed in something as small as the host, I marvel at wisdom so wonderful.

     Jesus understands what a difficult thing it is He offers for us. He knows our weakness, that we often show we do not understand what the Lord’s will is. He saw that doing the Father’s will was difficult. Once Jesus saw the need, He sought out a wonderful means by which to show the extreme of His love for us. After He saw all this, He must have resolved to remain with us here below.

     It ought to be a great consolation for us that Jesus Christ, true God and true man, is present in the most Blessed Sacrament. We have Him so near in the Blessed Sacrament. It’s as though Jesus tells the Father that He is now ours since the Father has given Him to us to die for us; and asks that the Father not take Him from us until the end of the world. May this move your hearts, daughters, to love your Spouse.

     He doesn’t remain with us for any other reason than to help, encourage, and sustain us in doing this will that we have prayed might be done in us. He asks the Father again for no more than to be with us because it is a fact that He has given us this most sacred bread forever—the manna and nourishment of His Humanity.

     Receiving Communion is not like when we picture within ourselves how things happened to Him in the past. In Communion the event is happening now, and it is entirely true.

     After having received the Lord, since you have the Person Himself present, strive to close the eyes of the body and open those of the soul. Though He comes disguised, the disguise does not prevent Him from being recognized in many ways, in conformity with the desire we have to see Him. And you can desire to see Him so much that He will reveal Himself to you entirely.

     Especially after receiving Communion—for we know that He is present, since our faith tells us this—He reveals Himself as so much the Lord of this dwelling that it seems the soul is completely dissolved; and it sees itself consumed in Christ. I think that if we were to approach the most Blessed Sacrament with great faith and love, once would be enough to leave us rich. How much richer from approaching so many times as we do. The trouble is we do so out of routine.

     Let us beseech the Father that, since His Son provided a means so good that we may offer Him many times in sacrifice, this precious gift may avail. O my God, I offer this most blessed Bread to You and beg You through the merits of Your Son to make the sea calm. May this ship, which is the Church, not always have to journey in a tempest.

(Collected from the writings of St. Teresa of Jesus)