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     To strengthen me when I was in tribulation, He showed me His wounds, wearing the crown of thorns. While I was looking at Him, I saw that, encircling His head, instead of the crown of thorns, in what must have been the place where He was wounded by it, was a crown of great splendor. As I am devoted to this mystery, I was very much comforted; and then I began to think what torture He must have suffered from the many wounds it gave Him and I felt very much distressed. Then the Lord told me not to be grieved because of those wounds, but because of the many wounds inflicted upon Him now.

     Who can see the Lord covered with wounds and afflicted with persecutions without embracing them, loving them, and desiring them for himself? O my Redeemer, how forgetful are men! How is it possible, Lord, that all this should be forgotten, and that, when they offend You, mortal men should be so forgetful of You? You came into the world for sinners, and purchased us at so great a price, and paid for our false pleasures by suffering such cruel tortures. You cured my blindness by allowing men to blindfold Your Divine eyes, and my vanity by wearing so cruel a crown of thorns. O Lord, Lord, all this causes the greater grief to one who loves You.

     O my soul, forever bless so great a God! How can a soul turn against Him? Either we are the brides of this great King or we are not! To desire to share in the kingdom of our Spouse and to enjoy it, and yet not to be willing to have any part in His dishonors and trials, is ridiculous. We must not shrink from desiring to die and suffer martyrdom for His sake.

(Collected from the writings of St. Teresa of Jesus)