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Let us visit the shepherd-maiden —
Dawn is showing and night is gone.
She is the daughter of God the Father,
Resplendent like to the Day Star.

Behold, to you is born today
A Lamb, the Son of God Most High.
See, ‘tis our Father’s gift,
This child His Son,
Born in a stable here,
His work begun.
Now God and man are one.

Poor and despised He comes to earth,
He yearns to save me, this Shepherd Lord.
Reflect upon such wondrous love—
Begin to guard Him from this day,
And to serve Him let us try.

Let us take Him presents both rich and rare —
We will go with the Kings —
We’ll give Him our hearts —
And the Maid will rejoice as we all draw nigh.

(Collected from the writings of St. Teresa of Jesus)