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    I am Yours and born for You, what do You want of me? In Your hand I place my heart, body, life and soul. Myself offered now to You, what do You want of me?

     O my delight, Lord of all created things and my God! How long must I wait to see You? The heart that greatly loves receives no consolation except from the very one who wounded it, because from that one it hopes its pain will be cured.

     In this state the soul enters into peace or, better, the Lord puts it at peace by His presence, as He did the just Simeon.  Simeon didn’t see any more than the glorious, little poor child. For by the few people that were in the procession, Simeon could have easily judged the babe to be the son of poor people rather than the Son of our heavenly Father. But the child Himself made Simeon understand. He felt the greatest delight and satisfaction in his soul. It doesn’t seem there is anything more for him to desire.

     The joy makes a person so forgetful of self and of all things that he doesn’t advert to, nor can he speak of anything other than the praises of God which proceed from his joy. It is seen very clearly that his praises rise from the very interior of the soul.

     God gives these sublime gifts and great favors to persons who have labored much in His service and desired His love and striven to prepare themselves so that in all things they might be agreeable to His Majesty. Such souls are worn out from many years of meditation and of having sought this Bridegroom.

     I hold for certain that these favors are meant to fortify our weakness that we may be able to imitate Him in His great sufferings. I have seen that those who were closest to Christ our Lord were those with the greatest trials. Let us look at what His glorious Mother suffered. The Lord told me this: When you see My Mother holding me in her arms, don’t think she enjoyed those consolations without heavy torment. From the time Simeon spoke those words to her, My Father gave her clear light to see what I was to suffer.

(Collected from the writings of St. Teresa of Jesus)