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     What can prevent us from being with Him in His Resurrection Body? Here we can behold Him free from pain, full of glory, strengthening some, encouraging others, before He ascends to the Heavens.

     The very thought of how He rose from the sepulcher will gladden you. How bright and how beautiful He was then! How majestic! How victorious! How joyful! He was like one emerging from a battle in which He had gained a great kingdom.

     Once I saw a complete representation of this most Sacred Humanity in His resurrection body, in very great beauty and majesty, not a dead man, but the living Christ. And He showed me that He is both Man and God—not as He was in the sepulcher, but as He was when He left it after rising from the dead. No one can doubt it is the Lord Himself. O my Lord! O my King! If one could but picture Your majesty!

     If there were nothing else in Heaven to delight the eyes but the extreme beauty of the glorified bodies there, that alone would be the greatest bliss. A most special bliss, then, will it be to us when we see the Humanity of Jesus Christ.

     For if I were to spend years and years imagining how to invent anything so beautiful, I could not do it, for even in its whiteness and radiance alone, it exceeds all that we can imagine. It is not a radiance which dazzles, but a soft whiteness and an infused radiance, which, without wearying the eyes, causes them the greatest delight; nor are they wearied by the brightness which they see in seeing this Divine beauty. It is a light which never gives place to night. The brilliance is like that of a sun covered with some material of the transparency of a diamond.

(Collected from the writings of St. Teresa of Jesus)