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 I saw an image representing Christ sorely wounded; and so conducive was it to devotion that when I looked at it I was deeply moved to see Him thus, so well did it picture what He suffered for us. So great was my distress when I thought how ill I had repaid Him for those wounds that I felt as if my heart were breaking, and I threw myself down beside Him, shedding floods of tears and begging Him to give me strength once for all so that I might not offend Him.

     It is well to reflect upon Christ bound to the column, and to think of the pains which He bore there, why He bore them, Who He is that bore them, and with what love He suffered them. We should keep Him company, talk with Him, pray to Him, humble ourselves before Him, and remember that He never deserved to be there.

     Look upon Him full of pain, His flesh all torn to pieces by His great love for you. How much He suffered: persecuted by some, spat upon by others, denied by His friends, and even deserted by them, with none to take His part, frozen with the cold and left so completely alone that you may well comfort Him.

     Most gentle Jesus, and my true Lover, you may say to Him, if seeing Him in such a plight has filled your heart with such tenderness that you not only desire to look upon Him but love to speak to Him using words issuing from the compassion of your heart, which means so much to Him: “Are You so needy, my Lord and my Good, that You will accept poor companionship like mine? Do I read in Your face that You have found comfort, even in me? How can it be possible, Lord, that the angels are leaving You alone and that Your Father is not comforting You?”

     If You, Lord, are willing to suffer all this for me, what am I suffering for You? What have I to complain of? I am ashamed, Lord, when I see You in such a plight, and if in any way I can imitate You, I will suffer all trials that come to me and count them as a great blessing.

(Collected from the writings of St. Teresa of Jesus)