‘Tis the Month of Our Mother


The following poem is an excerpt from a poem written by our Carmelite Sister, St. Therese of Lisieux:

Why I Love You, O Mary!

Oh! I would like to sing, Mary, why I love you,

Why your sweet name thrills my heart,

And why the thought of your supreme greatness

Could not bring fear to my soul.

If I gazed on you in your sublime glory,

Surpassing the splendor of all the blessed,

I could not believe that I am your child.

O Mary, before you I would lower my eyes! . . .


When an angel from Heaven bids you be the Mother

Of the God who is to reign for all eternity,

I see you prefer, O Mary, what a mystery!

The ineffable treasure of virginity.

O Immaculate Virgin, I understand how your soul

Is dearer to the Lord than his heavenly dwelling.

I understand how your soul, Humble and Sweet Valley,

Can contain Jesus, the Ocean of Love! . . .


While waiting for Heaven, O my dear Mother,

I want to live with you, to follow you each day.

Mother, contemplating you, I joyfully immerse myself,

Discovering in your heart abysses of love.

Your motherly gaze banishes all my fears.

It teaches me to cry, it teaches me to rejoice.

Instead of scorning pure and simple joys,

You want to share in them, you deign to bless them. . .


Soon I’ll hear that sweet harmony.

Soon I’ll go to beautiful Heaven to see you.

You who came to smile at me in the morning of my life,

Come smile at me again . . . Mother . . . . It’s evening now! . . .

I no longer fear the splendor of your supreme glory,

With you I’ve suffered, and now I want

To sing on your lap, Mary, why I love you,

And to go on saying that I am your child! . . . .

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