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     This most Sacred Humanity was represented to me with such wonderful beauty and majesty. If I should have spent many years trying to imagine how to depict something so beautiful, I couldn’t have, nor would I have known how to; it surpasses everything imaginable here on earth. O my Jesus! Who could make known the majesty with which You reveal Yourself!

     While this prayer lasts they are so absorbed and engulfed with the satisfaction and delight they experience, they would eagerly say with St. Peter: “Lord, let us build three dwelling places here.”

     Here in this ecstasy are received the true revelations and the great favors and visions—and all serve to humiliate and strengthen the soul, to lessen its esteem for the things of this life, and to make it know more clearly the grandeurs of the reward the Lord has prepared for those who serve Him. The Lord told me this: Do you think, daughter, that merit lies in enjoyment? No, rather it lies in working and suffering and loving. Look at my whole life filled with suffering, and only in the incident on Mount Tabor do you hear about my joy.

     Thus I hold for certain that these favors are meant to fortify our weakness, that we may be able to imitate Him in His great sufferings. This is what I want us to strive for, my Sisters; and let us desire and be occupied in prayer not for the sake of enjoyment, but so as to have this strength to serve.

(Collected from the writings of St. Teresa of Jesus)