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     The Lord taught me how to understand the words of the Magnificat: “Exultavit spiritus meus.”

   The soul becomes consumed in praises of God; there is only rejoicing, rejoicing beyond comparison. The joy of the soul is so exceedingly great that it would like to tell its joy to all, so that they may help it to praise Our Lord, to which end it directs its whole activity.

     When the soul is in this state, Martha and Mary never fail, as it were, to work together. The interior part of the soul works in the active life, and in things which seem to be exterior; but when active works proceed from this source, they are like wondrous and sweetly scented flowers, and the perfume of the flowers is wafted abroad, to the profit of many—it is a perfume which endures and works great blessings. Such persons do great good. Their words are clothed in sublime love for God. They forget themselves for the sake of their neighbor; they put aside their own pleasure and profit in order to please God by serving others, proclaiming the truth to them, and thus doing good to their souls.

     Such works are the sign of every genuine favor that comes from God. This is the aim of prayer, the purpose of the Spiritual Marriage, of which are born good works.

     Rejoice, my soul, and beseech Him to aid You to bear some small part in the blessing of His Name so that You may say with truth: “My soul magnifies and praises the Lord.”

(Collected from the writings of St. Teresa of Jesus)