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     You, my Lord and my delight, knowing our many needs and the comfort it is for us to rely on You, tell us to ask You and that You will not fail to give. The Virgin would obtain from her Son the best wine. The Lord wishes to reveal for that moment the glory of heaven and that He is the Lord of heaven and earth. As though by signs, He gives us a clear foretaste of what will be given to those He brings to His kingdom. He gives pledges so that through these they may have great hope of going to enjoy perpetually what here on earth is given only in sips.

     The soul doesn’t think there is anything more to desire. But our most sacred King has still much to give. He would never want to do anything else than give if He could find receivers. The Lord is never content with giving us as little as we desire. He gives us this wine to drink in conformity with our desire to become wholly inebriated, leaving us abundantly enriched. And the Lord ordains that the soul, without its understanding how, is made one, in great purity, with the very Lord of love, who is God.

     Since He leads these souls along a rough and uneven path, His Majesty needs to give them sustenance, and not water but wine so that in their inebriation they will not understand what they are suffering and will be able to endure it. O Lord, what new trials begin for this soul! I don’t say that these souls don’t have peace; they do have it, and it is very deep. For the trials themselves are so valuable and have such good roots that although very severe they give rise to peace and happiness. Blessed inebriation that makes the Bridegroom supply for what the soul cannot do.

     I have always seen in my God much greater and more extraordinary signs of love than I have known how to ask for or desire!

(Collected from the writings of St. Teresa of Jesus)